Humboldt University Exchange

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About This Program

  • Location: Berlin, Germany — Humboldt University
  • Term: Fall/Winter Quarters, Spring Quarter, Full Year
  • Language of instruction: German and English
  • Eligibility: Open to NU students from all majors with a GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Program type: Exchange Program
  • Program credits: Minimum Credit Requirement

Application deadline:

  • For Fall/Winter Quarters and Full Year: January 15
  • For Spring Quarter: October 1

Program dates:

  • Fall/Winter Quarters: Early October - Late March
  • Full Year: Early October - Early August
  • Spring Quarters: Early April - Early August

View the program budget sheet for available terms.

Fall/Winter Quarters 2017-2018: $38,381

Full Year 2017-2018: $101,323

Spring Quarter 2018: $29,673

Students applying to this program are eligible for IPD Study Abroad Fellowships and may be eligible for external funding opportunities.

Students participating in this program are subject to the Withdrawal and Refund Policies for Northwestern-Sponsored Programs.


In this exchange program, students enroll directly at Humboldt University and take classes with local and other international students. Northwestern students have the option of studying abroad for a semester or full academic year. Students pay Northwestern tuition and are responsible for travel and all other expenses (including room and board). Information on the visa process can be found through the Humboldt website.

Host Institution

Humboldt University ranks among the top 10 of German universities. Humboldt University is well known for its research in the ancient world and history of sciences, philosophy, quantitative economics, life sciences with a focus on theoretical biology, neuroscience and immunobiology, mathematics as a key technology, material and optical sciences as well as climate and sustainability research. Students at Humboldt University may study at either traditional institutes of Campus Mittte, the picturesque Campus Nord, or at the modern Natural Science Campus Adlershof. Find out more about studying in Germany and explore housing options.


Students at Humboldt University can select from a broad offering of courses taught in German including agricultural sciences, archaeology and cultural studies, biology, biophysics, business administration, chemistry, computer science, economics, geography, information management, information technology, mathematics, physics, psychology, social sciences, and sports sciences. Berlin Perspectives, an interdisciplinary module in English and German for both HU students and international students of all subjects, is also available to exchange students.

Students will receive a transcript issued by HU, and course credit will be eligible for transfer back to Northwestern as long as students earn course grades of C or better. Refer to the Credit Transfer Page for information on the "C" grade equivalent and minimum credit requirement for this exchange program.