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Paying for study abroad

In this section of our site, you can find information about the financial aspects of studying on an IPD program: including program costs, billing, ramifications for financial aid, scholarships, and more.

Program Costs & Billing

Students participating in IPD specially designed programs will be charged a program fee, which typically includes tuition, accommodations, program-related excursions, and GeoBlue Health Insurance.

Students participating in exchange programs will be charged a program fee equivalent to the NU tuition rate for 1 quarter for Fall programs, 1.5 quarters for Winter-Spring programs, and 3 quarters for Full Year programs. For exchange programs, the fee does not include housing or living expenses. Refer to your program page for the expected program costs. 

Invoices for study abroad are issued through CAESAR on the regular quarterly schedule, subject to the same due dates.

Financial Aid

Northwestern's policy for meeting demonstrated need extends to study abroad, so financial aid recipients participating in IPD programs during the academic year can use their aid toward program costs. The aid application is no different for study abroad than for regular campus study.

As in any other quarter or year, your expected family contribution (EFC) will be calculated based on information reported in the financial aid application materials, and will not change based on study abroad costs. When calculating financial aid awards, the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid will use a budget based on the program's costs, which includes the fees charged by Northwestern, plus estimated additional costs, such as room and board (if not included in the IPD program fee), transportation, visa fees, books, and personal expenses abroad. Estimated personal and other costs take into account reasonable cost of living for the area in which you will be studying. 

Summer scholarship assistance through the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid is need-based and very limited. Current financial aid recipients attending IPD summer programs are eligible to apply for summer aid from Northwestern. However, keep in mind that Northwestern financial aid is only renewable for up to 12 quarters of enrollment. Therefore, if you are offered and accept a summer scholarship offer from the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid, it will count as a quarter of your Northwestern financial aid eligibility. 

For more information about financial aid for study abroad, please refer to the Money Matters resource page of the Study Abroad Office website or contact Krista Buda Bethel in the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid.

View our IPD scholarships page for possible funding opportunities.

Withdrawal & Refund Policies

Students who wish to withdraw from an IPD specially designed program or IPD exchange program after submitting a signed Program Confirmation Form must inform IPD immediately in writing. In such an event, students will be responsible for paying a $1,000 cancellation fee (or a $1,000 non-refundable deposit in case of non-Northwestern students) plus any unrecoverable program costs that IPD has incurred on their behalf. Refer to the Withdrawal Policies for Northwestern-Sponsored Programs webpage.